Unique Celebrity Pets


Ah, celebrities and their eccentricities. From what they do, to how they dress, to the people they date, to who they spend their time with– which includes their pets, the world watches in wonder and awe.  It seems only fitting that a pet should be as unique as the celebrity who owns them. Here are some unusual celebrity pets that not only made an impact on their human counterparts but to the rest of the world as well.

Bubbles and Michael Jackson

The pop star with his pet 'Bubbles'.


The King of Pop, Michael Jackson, brought his chimpanzee companion, “Bubbles”, home from a Texas research facility in the early ‘80s. Not only did he move in to Neverland Ranch with the singer (where he slept in a crib, used a toilet and ate candy in the ranch’s movie theater) “Bubbles” even went on tour with the artist to Japan, where they both drank tea with the mayor of Osaka.

Jackson was widely mocked for having such a close relationship with the animal. He seemed to accompany the artist most places, he made several cameo appearances and according to reports, was even taught to Moonwalk. Jackson fought back with his 1987 hit song, “Leave Me Alone”, yet still could not get the public to stop talking about it. “Bubbles” was eventually relocated to animal sanctuary when he became too difficult for the singer to take care of. Sadly, the King of Pop passed away in 2009.

Elvis and his Pets



From a young age, Elvis seemed to love animals. From his pet rooster, to several pet dogs, Elvis not only enjoyed having pets himself, he also loved to give them to the women that he admired. When Elvis moved to Graceland in the late ‘50s, he filled his home with pigs, goats, turkeys, chicken, geese and yes, even a few donkeys.  By the late ‘60s, Elvis’ pet collection at Graceland included monkeys, peacocks, chickens, poodles, and a Great Pyrenees dog named, “Muffin.”  At the time of his passing, Elvis had a chow called “Get Low” who outlived him by only a year.

The most unique pet Elvis had was actually a wallaby which was given to him by Australian fans in 1957. Knowing he couldn’t care for the animal he donated it to the Memphis Zoo.

In the ‘80s, Priscilla Presley, ended up hosting a reality television show about animals called, “Those Amazing Animals” and is currently with various horse rescue charities and animal rights causes.

Twilight Star and her Wolf



The irony of “Twilight” actress, Kristen Stewart owning a wolf, couldn’t have been scripted better. On her 24th birthday, the Hollywood star received the wolf as a gift from her mom, and brought the new family pet to her home in Malibu. The hybrid wolf-dog has caused some issues for the actress in the neighborhood. Although to her, “Jack” is her pet who as she has said, is really sweet. They are legal to own in the state of California and are noted to be not even like pets, but more like loyal companions.

From George Clooney’s famous Pot-bellied pig to Tori Spelling’s chicken named, “Coco Chanel”, celebrities and their pets have been shocking us for decades. But on a grand scale, the thing about pets is that they improve our quality of life on so many levels. They become a part of our family and they love us unconditionally. Pets bring out the best in us, both emotionally and physically as well. In a way, they challenge us to be the best we can be. Now, why we choose the pets that we do, well, that’s a whole other story. Because we are a social species, maybe it’s because we seek out connection in others that perhaps connecting with our pets, allows us something special.

On the other hand, anyone who has ever owned a pet before knows that in most cases, although you might think you’re the one who is doing the choosing, you eventually come to realize that the pet you take home, really was the one who chose you all along.

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