These Ultimate Stories of Survival Will Teach You Some Important Lifesaving Lessons



Meet Pig, the “Half-Dog”

Pig has a very unusual story and is a very unusual dog. Pig was on the brink of death when Alabama native Kim Dillenbeck heard her barks and fell in love with her. Pig isn’t a normal dog. Based on photographs, she might appear scary to some. Pig’s unusual frame is due to the fact that she’s missing several ribs, along with part of her spine. Dillenbeck did not think Pig would live a long life, but she was wrong and Pig seems to be in good health. Pig thinks she’s just a normal dog, and she doesn’t appear to be in any pain. However, people might judge her because of her unusual shape. But that doesn’t stop Pig from enjoying her life and being an average dog. Thanks to Dillenbeck, Pig is living a happy life and an important life lesson we can learn here is to not judge a book by its cover, animal or human.

Peanut, the “World’s Ugliest Dog”

Peanut was rescued by Holly Chandler of North Carolina after she learned that he was the victim of animal abuse and had been injured in a fire. The fire caused Peanut to lose his lips and eyelids. He can’t close his eyes and because of this, his tears drain into his nose and create snot bubbles. In 2014, Peanut was crowned the “World’s Ugliest Dog” in California. However, Chandler doesn’t care what people think of her pooch and she has planned to use her winnings to help pay for other pets’ veterinary bills. Chandler hopes that Peanut’s win will call attention to animal abuse and the fact that no animal should suffer, no matter how they appear.

Homeless Woman and Cat Save Each Other’s Lives

Roza Katovitch would sit at the grave of her fiancé at the Serbian Cemetery in Colma every day for six to seven hours. After he died of a heart aneurysm, Roza was shocked with grief, fell into depression, and lost her job. Then she lost her apartment and was homeless, spending most days at her fiancé’s grave. Roza saw a number of cats at the cemetery, but one in particular caught her eye. Named Miss Tuxedo for her black and white features, the cat started following Roza around at the cemetery and even let Roza scratch her ears. The cute cat wouldn’t leave Roza alone and she knew this cat loved her. Seeing Miss Tuxedo relieved some of Roza’s pain, so much so that it helped her get out of her depression and apply for affordable housing. Roza and her new friend now live together and both are no longer homeless.

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