Shocking Animal Predator Attacks Caught on Video


Watch the Animal Kingdom’s Most Ferocious Predators

Every animal predator has their own way of finding food. You might be surprised at how complex some of these predator attacks can be. Whether it’s sprinting to attack or sneakily lying in wait, life in the wild is all about utilizing your strengths. Take a look at the animal kingdom’s most dangerous predators as they navigate the messy, yet tactful game of catching their prey.

Crocodiles Lying in Wait


When it comes to grabbing a bite, crocodiles prefer to work smarter, not harder. Limited by their short, stubby legs, crocodiles don’t have the agility to sprint, leap and dive after their prey. Despite being one of the animal kingdom’s most notorious killers, crocodiles only have one way of catching animals in their trap: patience.

As you can see in the video, these crocodiles are smart enough to use the element of surprise to their advantage. Covered in mud and swampy water, the crocodiles lie in wait until their prey comes to them. At the last second, they shoot out of the water and take a bite out of just about anything within their reach. Their ability to stay perfectly still until the moment of truth arrives is a testament to how disciplined animal predators can be.

Leopards on the Move


Leopards, on the other hand, are designed for speed. Put them in the middle of an open field and they can devour just about anything. This video shows a tight race between a leopard and a surprisingly speedy gazelle. The two duke it out across a vast grassy plain until the gazelle makes a wrong turn. The leopard pounces on the gazelle with one swift move.

Covered in black rosettes, leopards use their camouflage-like appearance to their advantage. They inch closer to their prey until they get within about five meters. Then the race is on! Leopards deal the final blow by biting smaller animals on the back of the neck. If a leopard comes across something larger than a gazelle, the leopard will pounce on the animal and suffocate it to death with its paws.

Stalked by a Snake


This animal predator video feels straight out of a horror film. An innocent field mouse walks home to a tiny underground cave. Little does he know that a poisonous black mamba is watching his every move. The snake ever so quietly follows the mouse into its den, cornering its prey until it gets close enough to deliver one final deadly bite. The final squeak from the mouse is truly heart breaking. Poor little guy thought he was safe at home.

If this scene were more of a challenge for the mamba, it could lift about 40% of its body weight 3 to 4 feet in the air and move at up to 6.8 miles per hour.

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