These Rare Photos Reveal Shocking Things About Our Planet


These rare things will leave you speechless and searching for more.

From crazy rare animals and minerals to jaw dropping historical photos that no one ever sees. We could seriously flip through these photos for hours.

These rare pictures are the ones that often don’t make the cut of the history books, although we can’t seem to figure out why.  From rare photos of cities before they were constructed to the photos taken during major historical events we can’t stop looking at all these unique photos.

New York City Past and Present

The New York City skyline is iconic and for many, seeing the city as anything but one of the most densely populated islands is hard.  This incredible photo shows what it was like before the whole skyline existed.  While many people are accustom to seeing full city pics the city is rarely shown liked this, and we are obsessing over this photo.  

This 3D image was created by Eric Sanderson and shows the pre-city landscape of one of the greatest cities in the world. Hard to imagine when Times Square wasn’t filled with tourists and you couldn’t get food delivered to your apartment at all hours of the night.

Even if this is just a recreated photo it looks crazy real and it is stunning to see what the city was before it became a concrete jungle.  So much space to move around is really hard to imagine, but this photo definitely makes the unimaginable a reality.  

Walking on Melted Glass

Turns out that beauty can really come out of anything.  This photo was taken after a fire damaged a building.  The melted glass formed into a beautiful piece of art.  While there is beauty in everything, it takes a special eye to identify and photograph the beauty in this unique melted glass formation.  

Photos like this also remind us to take time and look at the little details in life that are often just passed by.  While the damage of the building is horrific, all damage leaves space for something new to come next. We can only hope the next thing to come is as beautiful and unique as this glass.  

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