Portable Solar Products that Could Save Your Life


Using Solar Energy to Stay Alive in the Wild



Having electricity on the go can be a major asset in our day and age. Manufacturers are investing in portable solar products that can be used in all kinds of precarious situations. We depend on electricity for just about everything these days, most importantly our smartphones and other mobile devices that give us access to maps and various lines of support including friends, family and 9-1-1. If you’re camping, hiking, or even taking a long-distance road trip, any one of these solar products could easily save your life.

Portable Solar Generator

Imagine being stuck on the side of the road in a remote area. Your cellphone is dead because you’ve been using Google Maps for hours on end with no way to charge your phone. If you need a source of electricity on the go, you can get up to 13 watts of electricity from a portable solar generator. Lightweight and foldable, these nifty devices can easily be tucked in a backpack or kept in the trunk of your car.

Companies are realizing that portable solar panels are of particular interest to consumers because of their life-saving capabilities. That’s why some of the newer portable solar panels are being designed to survive the wrath of the outdoors. As you probably know, things can get messy out in the wild, especially if you plan on being gone for long periods of time. The latest models are waterproof so you can easily use them out in the rain without electrocuting yourself, and they come with incredibly durable cases that can withstand some extraordinary wear and tear.

They take a while to get a charge going, but they’re a dream come true if you don’t have another way to charge your phone. After a few hours, you can look up directions or contact someone for help.

Portable Solar Phone Charger

Just like the portable generators, portable solar chargers are even smaller – about the size of a Kindle reader, flat and foldable. Most of them use USB electricity ports, which can also be used for charging a GPS device, a digital compass, or a portable radio that you can use to contact someone for help.

Portable Solar Lantern

You can’t do much at night without a reliable source of light. We might not think much of it, but light can save our lives in more ways than one. If you’re camping or traveling at night, a portable solar lantern can come in handy if disaster strikes. You or someone you’re traveling with could have a medical emergency out in the middle of nowhere. If you need to perform an emergency medical procedure, you’re going to need ample light to see what you’re doing. Someone could get stabbed by a wayward branch, take a nasty fall, or have an allergic reaction when you least expect it, forcing you to rush in and potentially save someone’s life.

Throughout much of the developing world, hospitals are forced to shut down at night because they don’t have a source of electricity, drastically limiting their ability to help patients. Some choose to use flashlights and other weak sources of light that pollute the air and limit our ability to see in the dark, often leading to devastating outcomes for the patient. Portable solar light kits are saving lives in countries across the globe.



Solar Powered Backpack

Getting solar energy on the go is even easier when you have a solar powered backpack. Totally functional and easy to use, these backpacks come with built-on solar panels that can transfer the electricity directly to your portable device. You don’t have to worry about carrying anything around or stopping and waiting for the sun to charge your solar panel. Just slide the backpack on and you’ll be a walking source of electricity.

Portable Solar Heater

If you like to go camping in the dead of winter, more power to you. They’re making portable solar heaters that will keep you warm when the temperature drops below zero. Leave them out in the sun or carry them around on your backpack; and by the time the sun sets, you’ll have a spare source of heat that just might save your life. Nothing beats hypothermia like a portable source of electricity.

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