Heroic Tales of Dogs Who Have Rescued Their Owners


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We’ve all heard that dogs are man’s best friend, some humans had no idea how true those words would turn out to be. Here are some heroic tales (or tails) where dogs went above and beyond to save the lives of people they loved.

A Dog Saves a Child From Fire

Jason and Heather Breiding of Paducah, Kentucky have their dog Buddy to thank for saving their one-year-old daughter, Samara.

Jason was cooking when a fire broke out. He attempted to fight the fire while his wife, Heather, grabbed their three-month-old son and got him to safety outside. When the family gathered outside, they realized that their dog, Buddy, was missing, as was their one-year-old daughter.

What happened next is the kind of story that movies are made of. Buddy saved the child by carrying her through the flames by her diaper. Thanks to the family dog, neither he nor anyone else was injured in the fire.

A Dog Fights Off a Black Bear

A tiny Yorkshire Terrier named Joe helped defend his owner, Deborah, from a 100-pound black bear in Ringwood, New Jersey.

Deborah Epstein was enjoying some time on her porch with Joe when the phone rang. She went inside to answer it and heard a tremendous amount of barking coming. This might be considered normal behavior for this little shelter dog, but as Deborah said, he “sounded a little more furious than usual.”

To her surprise, she found a huge black bear making its way toward Joe’s food bowl in the living room. The protective six-pound terrier growled, barked, lunged and nipped at the bear until it retreated and ran off back into the woods.

“I saved him from the pound, and he saved me from a bear,” Deborah said. “We’re even.”

A Dog Saves a Couple From a Snowstorm

Shana, a wolf dog/German Shepard, saved an elderly couple from a treacherous snowstorm. She was thrust into the spotlight when she found Norman and Eve Fertig, trapped by snow. The Fertigs, both 81 years old, were taking care of the injured animals in their animal sanctuary in Alden, New York, when a terrible storm hit. The couple was trapped and huddled together as they prepared for the worst.

The couple had rescued Shana from a puppy mill seven years earlier. She was a sick two-week-old pup at the time, but she had grown into a healthy 160-pound dog. This incredible dog proceeded to dig in the snow with her teeth and claws. After two hours, she had cleared a path to make a 1-foot-wide tunnel 20 feet back to their home.

Shana then came back and barked at them to follow her. The dog grabbed the sleeve of Eve’s jacket, prompting Eve to grab a hold of her. Norman then grabbed Eve’s legs, and Shana pulled the two of them through tunnel she had dug, underneath fallen trees, all the way to an opening in the fence near their home.

These beautiful “tails” of heroism are enough to make Lassie proud.

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