Why Fans Are Freaking Out Over Taylor Swift’s Adorable Cats


When you hear the name Taylor Swift, you may think of the country star turned pop icon. You may think of the GRAMMY award-winning singer and songwriter. What you may not think of is the cat crazy woman.

Yes, Taylor Swift is a crazy cat lady and she wears the label as proudly as she does Haney. Yet it’s no wonder. The two precious felines that share their lives and living space with Taylor are as cute as they come. There’s Doctor Meredith Grey, a white and grey cat named after the character played by Ellen Pompeo on Grey’s Anatomy. And then there’s Detective Olivia Benson, a creamy white long-haired feline named after Mariska Hargitay’s character in Law and Order: SVU.

Like their human, these cats are no strangers to fame. Meredith starred alongside Swift in a 2015 Diet Coke commercial where the singer/songwriter was surrounded by felines. Yet even before then, both Dr. Grey and Detective Benson had become rather popular on social media and can even claim to be instafamous. Taylor regularly shares her kitties’ lives on Instagram and Twitter, and showing off these purring pretties is one of Taylor’s favorite things to do.

Check out these pictures of Taylor, Meredith, and Olivia and you’ll know why fans are freaking out over Taylor Swift’s adorable cats. You will be too!

They Get to Hang Out with Taylor



The best thing about being one of Taylor Swift’s kitties isn’t rides on the private jets or gourmet, organic cat food; it’s getting to hang out with Taylor all the time. This little, white bundle of joy is Olivia Benson and this picture was taken when she got adopted by Taylor. She hadn’t quite realized what a lucky little kitten she was, but soon she did. And now she can’t imagine living any other life or sitting on any other lap.

They Get to Sleep in Taylor’s Bed



Taylor Swift’s cats are happiest when she’s not out on tour. When she’s home in Manhattan, they get to cuddle up in bed with her for morning snuggles. And even if they get you out of bed before you’re ready, who could be mad at a face like this?

Yet even when Taylor’s away, she keeps the kitties close to her heart. She’s even covered her cell phone in cat stickers out of homesickness for them.

They Get to Listen to Taylor Play



Meredith Grey and Olivia Benson are some of the luckiest cats around. Not only do they get to share their living space with Taylor; they get to listen to her composing music and songs. They also get to kick back and chill while listening to Taylor jam, just like Meredith’s doing here. Their little ears get to hear the next greatest hit well before the rest of world.

Meredith and Olivia also get to hang out with a ton of other cool people, including the platinum-selling artist Ed Sheeran and even the real Mariska Haragitay. With such cool people around them, it’s no wonder these cats are so famous.

They Get to Hang Out in Taylor’s Closet



While a singer and song writer, Taylor Swift is also a fashionista, and her closet shows it. Within its doors, you can find her favorite designers including Prada, Jimmy Choo, and Free People. And a little bit of Meredith! With a collection of heels like this, who can blame the cat for wanting to sit among them and hang out in their glory?

But sometimes Meredith gets the fashion bug too. During a fitting for the Met Ball, one of the biggest events of the year in the fashion world, one of the cats took a liking to Taylor’s custom satin Oscar de la Renta gown. Luckily, Taylor intervened and the dress was saved, much to the cat’s dismay.

You Get to Hang Out with Austin



While Taylor’s cool and all, fans love these cats because they get to hang out with Austin, Taylor’s kid brother. Two years her junior, Austin graduated from Notre Dame in 2015 and loves hanging out with Meredith and Olivia. And they love hanging with him. After all, who wouldn’t went to spend time chilling with such a cutie?

If you didn’t already love Taylor Swift and her furry friends, now you do. Both the felines Dr. Meredith Grey and Detective Olivia Benson are so adorable and camera loving, you can’t help but smile!

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