The Distance These Pets Have Traveled Will Shock You



When your pet goes missing, it can be heartbreaking. Owners will take to social media, hand out flyers, organize search groups, put up ads in the paper, and even go door-to-door on a quest to find their lost fur baby.

Miraculously, there are some pets out there who, through the power of love, have figured out by any means necessary how to get back to their families. Here are some remarkable stories that can help teach everyone that, through love, anything is possible.


Meet Holly, The lost cat who traveled 190 miles back home to reunite with her owners. Back in 2013, a West Palm Beach couple by the name of Jacob and Bonnie Richter brought their then 4-year-old tortoiseshell cat on vacation to Daytona, Florida. The cat seemed to be scared away after some fireworks had been set off, and after searching tirelessly, was nowhere to be found by the distraught couple. The pair worked with local authorities in efforts to bring their four-legged friend home, but after some time, it seemed hopeless. Fast forward to 60 days later when a nearby Palm Beach neighbor noticed an animal in her yard. The poor cat was so weakened it didn’t even have the strength to meow. After the animal was taken to the vet and scanned, the animal’s microchip correctly identified the cat as Holly.


Another cat that traveled quite a distance is Emily. This stowaway wound up traveling across the Atlantic Ocean to France in a cargo container. Lesley and Donny McElhiney, who are from Wisconsin, had no idea that when their one-year-old tabby named Emily disappeared, she was off on a 4,500-mile adventure. This cat managed to find herself on an adventure heading to Chicago in a truck, hidden inside a container. She was then inadvertently shipped to Belgium, arriving at her final destination in France where, when employees opened the box, they found the surprise of a lifetime. Thankfully, Emily was wearing tags, which made her journey home an easy flight back to the states.


In 2012, Twitter was just gaining popularity while the art of tweeting was apparently being perfected elsewhere. You may have heard stories before about cats and dogs finding their way home but take a look at Piko-Chan, the parakeet who managed to tweet his way home. Fumie Takahashi did something very smart after he lost his previous bird—he taught his parakeet his home address. The baby bird had escaped from his owner’s home in Japan and made its way into a hotel window where he perched up on the shoulder of a guest. The bird was given to police, and after two days, was reported to not only start talking but actually told police his name, and then recited his home address, including the city, district, block and street number. That’s one interrogation that ended with a happy confession and a trip back to the big house of his dreams.

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