Celebrity Pets from the Golden Age of Hollywood


The Who’s Who of Old Hollywood’s Celebrity Pets

Celebrity pets have been all the rage as of late, with mega stars like Miley Cyrus, George Clooney, and Taylor Swift all showing off their adorable furry companions to the press. Who can resist a beautiful star and an ultra-cute animal in the same photo? Apparently, no one. This is the stuff that Internet dreams are made of. Before Instagram, celebrity pets had their day in the sun during the Golden Age of Hollywood. The press hounded film and music stars who went everywhere with their loveable sidekicks. Without further ado, here are the most famous celebrity pets from the Golden Age of Hollywood.

Anna May Wong and Her Dachshund

Widely known as the first Asian-American film star, Anna May Wong loved her dachshund just as much as anything else. The actress started off during the silent era of Hollywood, posing for numerous early Hollywood creations including The Toll of the Sea and The Thief of Bagdad in the early 1920s. She successfully transitioned to the talkies in the late 1920s, and even went on to star in TV shows and in big-budget spectacles like Shanghai Express.

Wong was also known as a fashion icon, flawlessly dressing for each lavish occasion with grace and sophistication. Some of that charm had to come from her pet dachshund. You can see dozens of photos of the star posing with her wiener-sized friend. We can only assume that Wong treated this adorable little guy to the suite life, often moving back and forth between China and the U.S. Here’s a photo of the happy couple on set during the 1920s.



Buster Keaton and His Love for All Things Dog

As an all-around funny man, Buster Keaton loved to make people laugh with nothing more than a stone-cold stare. Both Hollywood producers and Keaton himself knew that adding a canine companion to the mix could only sweeten the deal. Many of Keaton’s most famous films featured a bit with Keaton and a dog partner. Nothing will make your heart melt like seeing a legendary silent film star hamming it up with dozens of dogs.

Both on set and off, Keaton was seen around town with dozens of furry creatures. It’s hard to know how many of them he actually owned, but it’s safe to say that Keaton was more than comfortable with man’s best friend. This photo shows Keaton and his two sons, James and Robert, lounging in the country with three lovely terriers.



Douglas Fairbanks and His German Shepard

One of the original kings of Hollywood, Douglas Fairbanks was always seen as a leader of the pack, dabbling in writing, acting, producing, and directing. Fairbanks created one of the most influential film studios in early Hollywood, United Artists, a joint venture with his famous wife Mary Pickford, D.W. Griffith, and Charlie Chaplin. Fairbanks was your typical leading man, often swinging into frame in such classics as The Mask of Zorro and Robin Hood. Unfortunately, Fairbanks didn’t have the communication skills to thrive and prosper during the talkies era of Hollywood.

Fairbanks spent the rest of his years outside of the public eye with his wife Mary, until they separated in 1933, and their German Shepard. In hindsight, a German Shepard must have been the perfect dog for Fairbanks, strong and unwaveringly faithful. You can imagine them lounging on the grassy plains of their epic 18-acre estate in Beverly Hills known as Pickfair.



Jean Harlow and Her Dog Posse

As a true Hollywood starlet, Jean Harlow hardly went anywhere without being surrounded by fans, cameras, and her trusted band of pooches. Between takes and days on set, Harlow would immediately retreat into a love fest with one of her closest companions. The star was known for taking her dogs to work to keep her company. You could hear them in the halls of the studio during the filming of such classics as Hells Angels, Reckless, and Dinner at Eight.

Sadly, Harlow didn’t have as much time with her furry family as she would have hoped. The star died tragically on the set of Saratoga in 1937 at the young age of 26. Even though her career came to an abrupt end, Harlow is still remembered as one of the greatest screen legends of all time.



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