These Animal Rescue Programs Are Saving the Day




The Animal Rescue Foundation saves dogs and cats who have run out of time at public shelters. The foundation aims to bring people and animals together with the goal to enrich each other’s lives. The non-profit receives zero federal funding and has managed to do a world of good for people and animals through innovative programs. ARF works to strengthen the human-animal bond for children, seniors, veterans, and people in disadvantaged circumstances. Their services range from low-cost spay and neuter services, humane education lessons for schools, and dog training. Camp ARF, an award-winning day camp, provides donated pet food to pet guardians in need in the Contra Costa County, California area. The foundation also offers low-cost, non-emergency pet care for owners experiencing a financial crisis. The foundation’s program Pets For Vets helps vets cope with loneliness and isolation as they return to life as civilians. ARF is a great organization that offers a variety of ways to give back.

Guardian Angels Medical Service Dogs

This fantastic group trains medical service dogs to help with the challenges associated with several disabilities, including PTSD, traumatic brain injury, seizure disorders, glucose imbalance, mobility issues, hearing impairment, and more. Since its inception in 2010, the organization has matched 170 trained medical service dogs with deserving recipients. Aside from training, volunteers also rescue and raise medical assistance and service dogs. They concentrate on pairing dogs with individuals with disabilities and focus on veterans with combat wounds. The organization’s efforts are building and restoring independence, improving quality of life, advancing successful service dog training practices, and raising public awareness about current disability laws. Guardian Angels also makes the organization’s voice known to state legislators creating new and enhanced laws regarding service dogs.

Sea Shepard

The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society uses direct action to protect marine life. Founded by a former member of Greenpeace in the late 1970s, Sea Shepard has now been seen on countless television shows and has been the subject of several films. The organization also has a long list of celebrities who support its mission publicly. This international non-profit, marine wildlife conservation organization does everything from disabling whaling vessels and intervening in seal hunts, to aiding in the destruction and seizure of drift nets at sea. The organization has several boards of advisers, each addressing a specific area, based on members’ expertise. The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society has a well-documented history of successful missions which have helped to rescue and save countless numbers of marine life. The organization is known as an anti-poaching entity due to its activism against criminal operations regarding marine life. Volunteers operate between several vessels and often document their journeys. Media savvy techniques have helped the organization’s small staff and volunteers build awareness about its programs and fundraising activities.

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