Amazing Staycation Ideas For Any City



All over the world people are learning that you can have all of the fun of a vacation, without actually going anywhere. Staycations have been taking the place of vacations, and for good reason. You get to enjoy the perks of traveling, without breaking the bank or having to take extended time off from work or away from home.

Here are some great ideas that you can put to use in any city.

The Spa Weekend

This particular adventure is a wonderful option when you’re looking for some time-out with your girlfriends. Depending upon where you’re located, a spa weekend can include anything from indulging in an overnight stay where your schedule is filled with mani’s, pedi’s and facials, to a full-on resort. The best spa resorts will not only offer a one-stop shop for all things, but at the right spa, on top of that Swedish massage, you can bathe in warm waters, bask in pools of clay, or float down a lazy river with a drink in-hand. Every city offers something special so be sure to inquire locally and book in advance. For moms who work seven days a week raising a family, the spa weekend away with your besties is the ultimate staycation.

A Romantic Getaway

If that trip to Rome is an impossible undertaking, then rediscover the beauty of your own city. And who better to experience that with, than your own partner. The best place to start is by choosing a hotel. Splurge! After all, consider how much you’re saving on airfare. You and your loved one then have the perfect opportunity to see your city (and each other) through fresh eyes. Lounge by the hotel pool, make reservations at your favorite restaurant, get tickets to a show, have drinks at a trendy bar, or indulge in some local culture and check out the museums and special attractions that are unique to your area. There’s plenty to do if you just open your mind to the local tourist attractions.

Plan Around An Event

Here’s a chance to have some fun with everyone. Whether you want to get away with your friends, your spouse, your kids or your parents, planning your staycation around an event gives you permission to really let loose wherever you are. The good news is, events are happening all the time, in every city. So, depending upon what you prefer, you’ve got plenty of prospects with this alternative. Check your local listings for upcoming sporting events, concerts, plays, performances or exhibits scheduled in your area, and start planning your adventure. Get a group of your favorite people together and go all in for an “event-filled” weekend. Be sure to take advantage of group rates. Think about it as if the vacation is coming to you—and not the other way around.

Whatever you choose, just remember there’s one universal rule to follow on any staycation: Enjoy!

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