These Adorable Animal Moments Will Make Your Day



Cute and adorable animal videos seem to make their way around the internet quite often these days. We love them. We can’t seem get enough of them; Whether it’s puppies playing, cats craving attention from their owners, or the oddest pair of animal BFF’s you’ve ever seen, there is something almost magical about watching an adorable animal just naturally being cute that will instantaneously bring a smile to your face no matter what kind of day you’re having.

Enhancing Productivity

With the ease for a video (especially a cute animal video) to go viral these days, the common narrative a lot of people hear is how distracting watching something like that can be. How it makes people unproductive or somehow disables them doing a higher quality of work. The truth is science says otherwise.

Studies have shown that looking at cute animals while at work can actually enhance your attention to detail and boost your overall performance by a marginal amount. The association that people make with viewing adorable images can actually evoke a positive feeling from someone which in turn will allow for a higher quality of work across the board.

The effect that an animal’s cuteness has on human behavior is actually more beneficial than most might realize. Studies done by Japanese researchers show that tests which were given to students, who looked at a favorable image (such as puppies or babies) before performing a task, outperformed those who didn’t by quite a significant amount.

Several theories have come out as to why this would happen. For instance, looking at these images potentially allows us the ability to connect to our nurturing instinct which in effect triggers us to become more attentive. Also, the idea that any short break (yes this includes web browsing) can actually help keep you more focused throughout your day and can even refresh the most tired of individuals, seems to be one that is proven time and time again.

Cute Animals and Happiness

Encouraging friendliness, kindness and happiness can only increase our chance at a positive outcome. It’s proven that participating in activities like this will improve our cognitive function as well as benefit our behavior in general.

Some of the most expensive advertising in history has even been centered around the adorable lives of puppies and babies which goes to show that viewing cute images, does more than make us smile. You’ve seen it during the Super Bowl, in some of our favorite magazines, and on billboards across the country. Puppies and babies seem to be a winning combination that never fails to make us perceive the world as being a little bit better.

So next time you’re at work and you get lost in the matrix of ridiculously adorable animal videos simply explain to your boss that you are merely trying to enhance your productivity. If that doesn’t work, show him a video. He might just change his mind.

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