15 New Animal Species Discovered In The Last Decade


Imagine how many more have yet to be discovered!

They’re not really new … but they’re new to us! These bashful creatures have been hiding right under our noses this whole time! Scientists the world over dream of discovering a new species and for 15 very diligent scientists, that dream came true! Check out the incredible new species that were all discovered in the last decade.

Who doesn’t want to be a ninja? Looks like sharks have more in common with humans than originally thought. However, we can’t swim one mile under the surface or glow in the dark….so the Ninja Lantern Shark wins. This guy resides off the continental shelf of Central America.

Here’s a mouth full for you: the Lasiognathus Dinema – a form of angel fish. Re-name anyone? This lucky fish has been voted the ugliest new entry in 2016 – living the dream! He is two inches long, and was discovered while checking the Gulf of Mexico for damage during an oil spill. At least he’s known now, instead of floating around without acknowledgement.

Next, we have the Peacock Spider. Without seeing a picture, the moniker sounds endearing … especially since it’s named for it’s bright colors and courtship dances. He was found by a Berkeley student in Australia. The Peacock Spider is stepping up the fashion game for spiders everywhere.

This Young Icefish who lives in the waters of Antarctica survives because his blood filled with anti-freeze instead of red blood cells! A handy trick if you live in the coldest part of the world!

I’m not so sure about this next one. The Legless Lizard was discovered in Brazil in 2008. Are we sure it’s not just a snake, cuz it looks like a snake to me!

We all want to be remembered. We all want to leave our mark on the world and be known for something great. I doubt this is what Charles Francis envisioned when this new species was named after him after discovering it in Northeastern Borneo. Check out the Francis Woolly Horseshoe Bat. Named after Francis and the woolly horseshoe face the bat so elegantly displays.

This little guy (or girl … who can tell?!) can’t hide anything! Discovered in 2009 after a long dispute between Ecuador and Peru, the Crystal Frog is so transparent you can see his tiny organs doing their thing.

We know pigs can’t fly, but it appears they can swim! This Sea Pig, a form of sea cucumber, has an important role of processing yummy sediment, like earthworms. Without him, there would just be a mess all over the ocean floor!

The Olinguito is a carnivorous mammal discovered in the Western Hemisphere. If I ever saw one in person I probably would never let it go! They have that cute little bear face, without the bone-crushing body!

If a frog’s nose grew longer as he called out to you, would you trust it? Because that’s exactly what happens when this Pinocchio Frog sings its frog call. Once it is finished, its nose drops to a resting position. I’m not sure what to think about that, other than I wouldn’t mind traveling to the Foja Mountains of New Guinea to check it out!

Can you see it? This Leaf Tailed Gecko hides perfectly in the trees! I personally would love to play a game of eye-spy with it on my side!

Have you ever seen a Tiny Elephant? That’s what this new species is called. The size of a mouse, with a long elephant nose, the Tiny Elephant resides in Southwestern Asia.

This … interesting looking creature is the Snub Nosed Myanmar Monkey. Don’t worry, he isn’t snubbing you, he’s probably just highly uncomfortable. His worst nightmare is the rain, where water trickles into his nose causing him to sneeze. You will find him with his head between his legs in any downpour.

I doubt this is what King Midas had in mind! This Myotis Midastactus, AKA Gold Maned Bat, is named after the king who wished he could turn everything he touched into gold. I guess if it works on a bat, it can only go up from there!

Brace yourself, this last one is the best. Look at this Pea Sized Frog! Discovered in Borneo  in 2010, it was first thought to be a baby. But nope! The full-size male won’t grow any larger than half an inch! I realize it would be really hard to keep track of … but, can I have one!?

What would happen if you found a whole new species? Would you want them named after you, no matter what they looked like or how they functioned? Are we aware enough of our surroundings to even notice if something might be waiting discovery in our own backyards? The reality is, the earth is FILLED with life! There are still new and exciting things to discover, even in 2016. The world is still full of mystery and wonder. Get out there and see what presents itself to you! Maybe your discovery can be the next Francis Woolly Horseshoe Bat!

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